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Malachite and Onyx Bracelet

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Benefits of wearing a Malachite and Onyx Bracelet

Malachite holds powerful heart energies. Like a battery that recharges your heart so that you feel safe to love again. Working with this stone may guide you to become more aware of your emotional triggers, so that self-awareness can guide you through challenging situations or growth opportunities.

Malachite stone strengthens your ability to stay true to commitments, both promises you’ve made to others, and the essential commitment of showing kindness and forgiveness to yourself. A powerful ally for those struggling with issues related to infidelity, honesty, and addictions.

Malachite is that no-nonsense friend everyone needs, the one who actually calls you out on the negative patterns you keep repeating and helps you get honest about your issues of self-worth and willpower. Malachite helps you stop holding yourself back from being the very best, most honest, and most real version of you possible.

Black Onyx being a powerful stone provides emotional and physical stability, especially during stressful times or when facing grief. Provides strength, promotes grounding, boosts stamina, protects spiritually.

The Malachite and Onyx bracelet can be worn to bring healing vibrations, energy, and protection directly into your pulse, sending waves of healing energy throughout the entire body.

Note: All natural gemstones are unique, so the overall appearance may vary slightly from the image shown.




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