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Rose Quartz and Rhodonite Bracelet

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Benefits of Rose Quartz and Rhodonite Bracelet

Rose Quartz and Rhodonite Bracelet combines stones that offer immense healing power to both the physical body and the heart.

Rhodonite is a crystal for deep heart healing and grief release as well as for healing stuck energies related to self-worth.

It’s is a stone of compassion that helps you overcome fears of self-worth and self-love. The stabilizing effects of Rhodonite are ideal when going through difficult transitions, including relationship and career changes as well as illness and death.

Rose Quartz: A wonderful stone to use for self-healing when dealing with emotional upsets such as a break-up, betrayal, or loss of a loved one. Peaceful and calm, this stone can strengthen your sense of joy and help you feel connected to others.

Note: All natural gemstones are unique, so the overall appearance may vary slightly from the image shown.



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