Sunstone Pendant


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s925 Sterling Silver
Sunstone Pendant with S925 Chain

Size: Chain (45 cm)

Chakras: Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root

Benefits of Sunstone Pendant

Sunstone is traditionally linked to benevolent gods and to luck and good fortune. It connects to the light and regenerative power of the sun and clears all chakras by bringing light and energy, allowing the true self to shine through.

Sunstone connects to your life plan for this lifetime and helps you fulfill your karmic contracts or renegotiate them if they are no longer relevant. It helps you stay on track with your life’s purpose and make the most of this incarnation.

A stone useful for removing “hooks”, such as those left behind by possessive parents, children, or lovers. They have the effect of draining your energy. Sunstone lovingly return these hooks and cords to the other person and is extremely beneficial for tie-cutting.

Sunstone facilitates self-empowerment, independence and vitality. It keeps you strong if you have difficulty saying “No” and are continually making sacrifices for others.

Note: All natural gemstones are unique, so the overall appearance may vary slightly from the image shown.

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