Moss Agate Ring


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Material: Moss Agate, Copper

Chakras: Heart,Sacral, Root

Size: Adjustable

Benefits of wearing a Moss Agate Ring

Moss Agate, a stabilizing stone deeply connected with nature, refreshes the soul and enables you to see the beauty in everything you see. With its nourishing life force, it enhances vitality and replenishes the soul with love.  A crystal of wealth, Moss Agate attunes you to higher frequencies for attracting abundance in your life.

The stone symbolizes new beginnings and freedom from blockages. Moss Agate serves a dual purpose, it helps intellectuals tap into their intuitive abilities , and on the other hand, it helps intuitive channel their energies in practical ways.

Being a highly optimistic stone, it encourages trust and hope. It strengthens positive personality traits and enhances self-esteem, releasing fear and stress. Moss Agate is believed to help speed up recovery after long-term illness. It is anti-inflammatory, reduces swelling in lymph nodes, and boosts the immune system. The best way to receive the healing energy of this amazing crystal is by wearing it as a bracelet, necklace, or ring.

Note: All natural stones and crystals are unique, so the overall appearance may vary slightly from the image shown.

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